Amateur Rocketry

Odyssey Flight Computer

A Flight Computer for 3D Printed Rockets

  • Designed, printed, and tested a model-scale rocket to house the flight computer.
  • Designed and outsourced a PCB that houses an Arduino Nano, altimeter module, and a radio module. (Started with basics before making things more complicated).
  • Developed and tested Arduino firmware to control one inst
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  • ance of the PCB assembly as a base station to receive data from the rocket.
  • Developed and tested Arduino firmware to control a second instance of the PCB assembly to act as the flight computer, in the actual rocket.
  • Pending first test flight and confirmation of functionality and viability of components before advancing the flight computer's capabilities.
  • As is: the flight computer establishes radio communication with the base station, initializes its altimeter, and will live-stream altitude data to the base station throughout flight.