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Infosec Addict

Hi, there! My name is Brian, and I eat, drink, sleep, and breathe infosec and technology. I love to figure out how things work (digital, mechanical, or otherwise). I also love anything that goes FAST: cars, motorcycles, planes, and rockets (especially rockets!).

Note: Redacted Information

Some information displayed (particularly in the Experience and Education sections) is redacted. Why is this? Well, the internet is a dangerous place. There are millions of malicious web-scraping bots and threat actors out there that are constantly dragging the internet for sensitive data. As a result: PII that isn't critical to this page has been redacted. You'll also find that the downloadable resume is redacted. Un-redacted versions of data will be provided only by request and after identity verification. Thank you for your understanding.

Oh, you found this? Good on ya!

Current Projects


Created a rust-based wrapper for common searchsploit commands so they can be ran in shorthand format, making exploit research for a given system more efficient. Up Next: add console functionality that allows users to navigate search results, peak into exploit code, and re-run searches, all without taking their hands off...


lazypeon is a python-based cheat and reference sheat generator for penetration testing use. Designed the program to run as a console or as a terminal command. Agreggated pentesting cheat sheets, such as reverse shells and common recon commands, into files which the program uses to generate pentesting commands with crucial...

Odyssey Flight Computer
Amateur Rocketry

Designed, printed, and tested a model-scale rocket to house the flight computer. Designed and outsourced a PCB that houses an Arduino Nano, altimeter module, and a radio module. (Started with basics before making things more complicated). Developed and tested Arduino firmware to control one inst All Projects ance of the...

CTF Writeups

For as long as I'm doing CTFs, this project will be pinned. You can check out my writeups for CTFs at the URL above. Currently documented CTFS: Hack the Box - Business CTF 2022 Breakout Challenge: A C2 implant's interface was left exposed on a victim's webserver. Break into the...

Past Projects

Game Development

Nominal is an indie, puzzle, asymmetric-co-op game created by yours truly.

TCM-Sec's Windows WiFi Extractor

Contributed to TCM Security's development of their Windows WiFi Extractor tool. The program is designed to dump WiFi SSIDs and plaintext keys from Windows hosts utilizing the built-in netsh utility. Forked the original repo and converted the code to run in-memory only, as the original code created files (and therefore...

Active Directory Exploitation & Pivotting Lab

Utilized VMWare Workstation Pro to setup an Active Directory environment to learn and practice AD enumeration, exploitation, and pivoting techniques. Setup a domain controller with group policy objects to emulate a real life, insecure Windows environment. Setup two vulnerable host machines and joined them to the AD domain. Used a...

Intel NUC Proxmox & Linode Homelab

Setup an INTEL NUC machine running Proxmox on baremetal. Hardened Proxmox installation and configured private subnets for virtualized hosts. Setup Linode OpenVPN instance, hardened the host, configured Linode Firewall rules, and setup private subnets for individual VPN profiles. Used OpenVPN host to secure communications between each virtualized host running on...


Badges & Accolades


Owner & Lead Developer
Offworld Systems LLC,
[Location Redacted] | September, 2020 - January, 1970

Full Stack Developer
[Redacted MSSP],
[Location Redacted] | August, 2019 - October, 2020

Sr. Cyber Security Analyst
[Redacted MSSP],
[Location Redacted] | February, 2018 - August, 2019

IT Support Specialist
[Redacted University],
[Location Redacted] | February, 2017 - January, 2018


[Redacted University]
[Location Redacted] August, 2012 - December, 2016

BS Information Technology - Computer Security & Cryptography